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Hi. I'm Christopher.

I began to fall in love with photography when I got my first used 35 mm film Canon in the late 90's. A friend sold it to me pretty cheap because he needed the money more than a camera. And, I needed a hobby more than I needed the money. I loved the idea of being able to preserve a moment in time. And, since I couldn't draw or paint to save my life I thought I would try to capture the beauty of what is already around me. People, landscapes, plants, animals...anything. 

Fast forward 20 plus years. I still shoot with Canon. I still can't draw or paint to save my life and I still enjoy capturing what is around me. After exploring different aspects of photography I landed on one that combines the artistic side but also has a very technical and precise element...architectural photography. 

So that is where I am today. It has been an enjoyable ride! And I thank you so much for taking a moment to check out some of my work! 

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